Springtime in the gardens

Springtime in Hobart is also a spectacular time in our garden. The awakening from the colder months, a riot of colour and the promise of things to come make this a very special time for us. Come and share it with us, … Read More

Summer in the gardens

Verdant and lush, Summer brings the full explosion of growth… sometimes more than we wanted! The oaks provide much needed cooling shade and make this a truly refreshing place to stay in the heat of summer. Why bother with the … Read More

Autumn in the gardens

Autumn sees the end of our busy time in the garden. As the leaves fall, our attention turns to keeping some order and planning the next project areas for Spring. Our Japanese Maples usually display their most spectacular colour at … Read More

Winter in the gardens

Retracting into Winter provides some essential mental relief for us. Our thoughts turn to travel and the like, as the gardens are largely self-managing for a couple of months at least. Still beautiful in its minimalism, and a peaceful alternative … Read More